Catan hexes

Hello, new user here. I wanted to make a catan board with perfect hexes. I’ve tried making my own on easel but I don’t trust my measurements. I’ve only had machine up and running for about a week or so. I did a search in the forums and didnt see any easel program I could work off of, or did I miss something?

Thanks a bunch!

I’m no expert on Easel, but you could draw up the hexagons in a more formal drafting program (DraftSight is free) and export a DXF from that, convert to SVG, then import into Easel. A few extra steps, but you’d know for sure the sides are all the same length.

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If you mean just the hexagon shape itself, then there’s a plugin app in easel called “honeycomb” that will let you specify both the number & size to create. Here’s a screenshot.


Of course I would miss something right in front of my eyes! That’s what my wife tells me all the time anyways. THANKS!!!

Here are some I did for my son.

I also have some graphics I used on the tile. If interested I think you can find them here -


No problem! As a general resource, you might want to take a look at inkscape & its catalog of extensions: Inkscape is a free/open-source vector graphics program, and its extensions are kind of like the “apps” in Easel. The main difference is that inkscape is a full-fledged vector program. You can do a lot more & more easily in that sort of program, then export as an EPS file for Easel. In that way, Easel just serves as staging area for your design, not the limiting factor for what you can design. Here’s a link to the inkscape plugins gallery to give you some idea of the ready-made add-ons:

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That’s awesome. Thanks!