CATIA conversation?

Hey peeps. So I’ve been sampling several software programs to see which gets me what I want the easiest and as many of you have probably found, there doesn’t seem to be one all inclusive program, but have your own favorites.

I haven’t seen any posts about CATIA. I have several years of experience modeling in this program and just wondering if anyone has tried to use it for carving?

I recently modeled in CATIA, exported the STL into Fusion, but I don’t know Fusion too well and have been watching training videos. But this seems like an extra step that I could potentially avoid.

So. My question. In order to use CATIA to model into Easel, what (if any) challenges am I looking at?

Also, I keep hearing that Fusion is free in a limited format, but I don’t see this. After 30 days they want you to purchase full price. Am I missing something?


In Catia you can export the design as .dxf or .svg and import that into Easel.

Easel does not accept 3d modesl or triangular meshes. You could import the .stl into Fusion360 and create toolpaths withing Fusion350 and save them as a gcode using the Easel post processor and then import that gcode file into Easel to send it to the CNC

Like this:

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