Cedar projects?

I am replacing my 12+ yr old cedar fence with vinyl this week, and I’m wondering if I should save some of the fence or let them haul it away. I’ve never made anything out of cedar.

Anyone here had luck making things from cedar? I’d have to joint, plane and edge glue the 3" slats to make usable boards…

Here is a small sign I made using cedar, carves well and finishes good

Yeah, I have to agree, upon closer inspection the boards are so porous and weathered I suspect I’d have to plane them down to toothpicks to get something usable…

Ya, mine was a new picket, sanded and sealed

I made a cool vcarved sign. It was weathered, but it was supposed to.

I recommend keeping it :slight_smile:

I use cedar fence planks for 3d carving my tiki and such. It is such a soft wood it carves really easily. I finish it off with a few coats of tung oil finish to harden it up.

I also used cedar fence planks to make an Outdoor bar that looks like it is made out of old packing crates.

I love messing around with cedar. It’s my go to wood for making quick signs and experimenting. I either hang them on my cedar fence or give them away to friends. $3.50 for a 0.5" X 5.87" X 6’ plank provides several blanks to cut.

I have a sign hanging outside from early this year to see how it weathers.