Ceiling Fan Blades

My wife hates a couple ceiling fans that came with our house. Seems like a waste to buy a new ceiling fan when possibly changing the blades would change the look of the ceiling fan.

Has anyone considered carving ceiling fan blades or even carving a design into the existing ceiling fan blades?

I see possibilities like leaf designs, boomerang style blades, acrylic, various designs could be done within the blades.

Some examples on the web.

Thoughts Suggestions appreciated.



Yeah, seems like it should be pretty trivial. Fusion, measure your bolt pattern as Phil said, and carve away. No trouble at all! :slight_smile:

great idea! could see kids theme ones being very popular

Brilliant idea.
I like the palm tree leaves one. :slight_smile:

Watch the weight, obviously adding a much larger and heaver blade might cause problems. Pay attention to finished weight difference of each blade as to minimize any wobble. I did some modifications to a ceiling fan a while back, having to cut the blade size down to fit a very specific location, and i think i ended up having to sand a few blades here and there to even it all out.

Adding a small screw to back of the lighter ones helps balance the weight as well.

I’ve had good luck with the tiny weights they sell for Pinewood Derby cars, myself. They have both tape, and tiny individual weights.

cheap wood panel wall paper and paint the edges …