Ceiling hoist for CNC router

When we lived in Hawaii, I was using our cnc router almost daily. Now that were back in Utah, I only use it a few times per month. Given the reduced frequency of use and our small one car garage, I have been toying with the idea of building a hoist to allow additional work surface on the router base table. I’m not done yet and plan to either build a torsion box or a steel carrier tray to reduce the risk of knocking out of calibration. The temporary paracord connection will eventually be replaced with Clevis shackles or carabiners. The hoist is a 2000 lb. self braking dual barrel winch from QC supply that adapted well to this project. I first had the winch and pulleys attached directly to roof joists, but mounting everything on a 2x8 made for easier alignment and prevented the pulleys from putting unwanted sideloads on the bottom of the roof/ceiling 2x10s. I’m sure there are those out there that would gladly offer criticism for certain aspects of this project, but this works well for me now and is only a starting point.

I do need to reengineer my controller mounting, as it used to be attached to the base table and now needs to ride with the router.

Total cost for this project is under $100.


@JohanMotaFulgencio, how do you make the transition from bottom to top with your setup?

good morning the idea is not to move my cnc up work and the cnc is fixed down is not good to move a lot those machines because they are out of tune?

the cnc enclosed is much better because of the noise and the garbage and sorry for my ideas