Cellular pvc board cut settings

Hi Everyone
New to cnc and have been experimenting for the past couple of weeks on getting a clean cut
I have gotten the wood cuts down pretty good and i moved on to try some 3/8 cellular pvc and i am having issues
I cant seem to get clean cuts and im sure it has something to do with my settings
I would appreciate any advice
This one i tried with a 60 degree vgroove. The oramask appears to be sticking to pvc and the pockets of the cuts are not clean
Cut settings were as follows
set for HDPE
40 IPM feed rate
9 IPM plunge
.04 IPM depth per pass
Stepover was set to 1%

On the next one, the cuts were not clean and it lifted the oramask in some spots and other spots it did not cut all the way through the oramask
2 stage cut
set for HDPE
1/4 inch straight cut bit
60 ipm fed rate
50 ipm plunge
.1 ipm depth per pass
stepover set to 20%
I then used a 1/8 straight cut bit with the same settings for the detail pass

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