Center datum or 0,0?

Just wondering what people use more the center of a project piece or one of its corners as the start location. I ask this because I usually make my project boards a little larger and poke a small hole in the 0,0 position with a 1/8" 30° bit. If I run into issues during a carve i can always reload that bit and find that exact spot again. I have used the center a couple of times for logos and other small things but I’m wondering what most people are using.

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If you use homing you can record the datum as an offset of home and reposition to there without needing to make the divot mark… in easel you’d just position it where you set x,y zeros and then go into machine inspector and record the coordinates from home coordinates, then carve, if there is an issue you can re-home and then drive it right back to those coordinates and you are at the exact same datum to start again or continue with another bit or whatever :+1:

I use center about 80% of the time :man_shrugging:

Whats a machine Inspector and how do i open it to check the coord?

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Go to machine>general settings > bottom button is machine inspector , the coordinates for both home and work will be at the upper right when easel is connected to your cnc.

If I recall, Ctrl-shift-d, will open machine inspector.


I recorded my location and did a carve. I had my machine stop running during that carve. I assume the machine doesn’t know where it is when it starts and stops only that it knows where it is relative to its original location. Is there a way to tell the machine that this exact location is at right now is 0,0. I found that once the machine stopped working, the coordinates didn’t match the original location on the inspector. It stopped both times and numbers didn’t match once machine was relocated home. I hope that’s clear enough. (Stop working because of Windows updates) my divot saved me in this case.

When you click “carve” you’d select “use current position”

Windows updates can be turned off for a period of time, OR set to only restart during certain hours, OR even the PC can be set to airplane mode and this will stop updates from occurring.

Yea so for some reason, if all windows updates aren’t instlled, my machine will stop suddenly and not start again until I log out and re log in. I didnt mean the updates pops up and shut down my computer. It happens randomly and looses it location.

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