Centering design to material

How do you center the design to the material?

When working in Easel, select what you want to center then go to Edit and click on Center on Material, its at the bottom of the Edit tab.

Center the design to the Easel X/Y grid (ref. post above)
Locate the center of your material to be carved and use this as work zero (Easel Home Position)

Awesome thank you

See the vids in this thread …

How would you center a design on a oval piece?

Identify Center point and use Center as X,Y Zero in Easel and align design to center of the design area…

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Depends on the oval.
Are we talking a true ellipse or an oval of the egg-shaped variety.
Assuming the latter based on the image. You’ll have to eyeball it, I think. Find the line of symmetry from top to bottom and then decide what kind of center you’re going for.

Use a straight edge starting at any point, move the other end to the point furthest away from the first edge and divide it in two, place a short line at the 1/2 way point. move the straight edge to a point about 90 degrees to the first position, and repeat. Move the straight edge to about 45 degrees from either of the first two and mark that 1/2 way point. This will give you what navigators call a cocked hat, or triangle. depending on your need for accuracy repeat the measuring as often as you wish at a different place, each mark will reduce the size of the ‘cocked hat’ getting closer and closer to the actual center.