Centering holes and slots

I am a raw Newbie. I am trying to create hold downs. I have drawn a rectangle that will be the hold down, a slot for a 1/4 inch hole, another hole and pocket to accept a T-Nut. How do I center the slot, and the hole and pocket so they will be on the center line of the rectangle?

Skip, I’m a newbie myself but will try to help.
Are you using Easel?
Select the rectangle, go to Edit and at the bottom of Edit is center on materiel, click that.
That will put the rectangle in the center of your work piece.
Now just do that with the circle and pocket and they will be centered to your rectangle.
Then you can select everything and move it where you want it.
Hope that helps


Thanks…That got it…


You can also select all three items and then center them horizontally and/or vertically, then drag them to location. Also use the shape tab to locate them more precisely by typing in location.