Centering issues

Obviously new to x-carve with this question. I will use a cutting board as an example. When carving the juice tray out, it is never centered even after using center to material. I’m using a 1/2” round over bit, having it cut “on path” and center using the drop down in the “edit” tab.

Can you share the file here?

Please elaborate on how you set work zero (Easel Home Position)
Is the cutter board for instance pre-cut in size?

As Wayne suggest, sharing a typical file will help us see how the design is set ut.

Hello! Work zero is set to the lower left corner of the cutting board. We set it precisely as we try to figure this out. Z probe the height and carve. It is always off center approx a 1/4” or a tad more with the left side having more material left. Last night we set to work zero and then moved left On the x axis approx 3/16” and it came out perfectly centered. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but when running the groove an inch in it is very noticeable…and, this is just a cutting board. Not sure what it will be like when trying to do something with precision. I will have my wife upload the file when she wakes up! LOL.

Please share your Easel test file.
File-Share-Share with link-copy URL and click Save, paste URL here.

1/2" round over bit: what kind of RPM/Feed/Depth per pass do you use?
Going aggressively will cause system deflection due to lack of sufficient rigidity.

Its either incorrect work zero / actual material alignment issue or mechanically related.

Okay…so I didn’t just wake up… lol

Here is the link:

Feed rate: 15in/min
Plunge rate: 9in
Depth per pass: 0.1in
Takes about 9 mins to do roughly a 16" x 9" board

I am using center in X,Y (manually calculating) in the shape section. Cutting 0.25" in depth

I feel like we are close, but something is off just a tad. Do you eyeball the work zero every time you set to the lower left corner?

I must have been signed in as Ernie…Thanks in advance, Michelle

I would say it is how you are getting your zero set. I would try setting your x and y first with a vbit so you can get it right on the corner. Then switch to the 1/2" bit and set your z axes. That would be worth a shot. If it is still off must be mechanical.


I agree with @WayneHall. Eyeballing zero with a half inch ball will be inconsistent at best.

Assuming you’re doing more than one of these, use some sorry of jig to reference from. Once you get that zero set, keep it.
I use dowels in holes milled by my machine.

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