Centering on board not centered

I always center my design to the board but since I’ve gotten the machine it’s never centered. I’ve tried everything I can think of and it doesn’t matter about the orientation of the board, it’s always off by a lot. image

How are you setting your home position?
The picture you showed has a border, how big is the border and did it cut the correct size?

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If your carves are consistently off to the right then you might be setting your work-piece zero incorrectly. If you have a large piece of wood and are just cutting something out then it may not matter, but if you are trying to line up a design with the edge of an already cut-to-size piece of wood then you need to center the work-piece zero such that the center of the bit is at the lower left corner (if your design is set up that way … people typically do it that way). The left image below is typically how people set up the carve and work-piece flow.

Front View (as if from front of X-Carve) and top-down view…


Brandon Parker


I cut them on my table saw usually. It’s also not straight so when I cut them I have to correct it because it’s slightly off. It’s fine if I let the machine cut it but if I just place it on the board it’s slightly slanted by about 1/16”. I home the machine using the sensors so it does the work for me.

So if you let the machine cut the board out its centered?
Are you setting the home like Brandon explained above?

How do you know if the material is aligned with your work zero, which is an offset value relative to homing sensors?

I think you dont use your work zero correctly, how did you set your work zero?