Certain Easel Files are broken

As seen here, when you select outline and have it cut all the way through, it turns invisible. This happens in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. http://i.imgur.com/FC58Nc6.png

Here is the project file. http://easel.inventables.com/projects/epCE1A2eAqH7yck4IUXAoQ

Works for me.

Error persists through a computer restart? It could be a JavaScript service error or something of the sort. I’m not well versed in the high level web languages.

Yep, it persists through restarts, but it only happens to certain files, in certain browsers, on certain computers.

This may be the issue

I have the same error.

But not the invisible selection.

Was about to post the same question. Been happening to me for over a week now. Only on the one computer(The windows 10 one hooked up to my x-carve) But it works fine in chrome on the mac.

Carving works fine and you can click on the parts and they are selectable but they just have no fill.

Also it has persisted after completely clearing the browser cache, cookies etc.