Challenge coin vector issue

Hello all,

Few months ago i had challenge coins made for work. The vendor sent me jpeg images of both sides. I have been trying to vectorize them with inkscape with no success. I only use easel pro and the image trace is not clean. This is the only file/image that inkscape continuously crashes.

Recommendations on possibly cleaning up image or even pay someone to do?

Thanks in advance!

Can you share an example that you’re having trouble with?

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The more details you demonstrate, the better understanding we could have before giving suggestions. :grinning:

Thank you guys for the reply. I apologize, work has been really busy on the midnight shift. I’m on my off days now and can finally respond.

The email states that the coin images are made with adobe illustrator. I was planing on making either a wood coin with this image or a flag with the image in the union. I’m not too computer savvy, so having issues with it.


Do you have or can you get the Adobe Illustrator file?

I don’t have it. Consider it but wasnt sure if I knew how to use it and if I’d benefit from it.

What is that made of? Is that cast? Machined?

Its stamped into the coin then enamel for colors.

It would be the original file so it definitely would have benefited you, could have opened it up in Adobe and converted it to an SVG.

Guess I’ll purchase adobe then. Thank you

I have Adobe Illustrator and can open the file if you had it. Can you contact the company and ask them to email you the file?

I just downloaded adobe. Lot more difficult than I thought hahaha. The image I uploaded was from the email the rep sent me.

In adobe, I can’t get rid of that shine you can see that runs through the middle of the design. Think it was added to give a 3d illusion. I’ve tried all the trace image options, with no real clarity in any of them. I even rasterize the image in attempt to simplify it. No success on my end.

@NoelFragoso Contact whoever made the image and ask for the original design file which is already a vector.

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So I would use photoshop to reduce the colors (e.g. posterize) which will force the grays to be similar or you can do your selection in photoshop and shift select the grays to get a single selection and then convert the selection to a path which then get sent to illustrator. But yeah, you want the original file… which will save a boatload of work.

A wooden one might not be easy to store.
Casting one would be a recommended solution, thanks!