Change 24 v spindle with new 48 v spindle

My 24v spindle damaged , I bought new 48 v spindle with 48 v power supply and control speed.
I used 24 v relay to control the spindle from the gecode , I used the 24 v which is feeding the old spindle to control the relay , then NO contact control the new spindle via the 48 v power supply, I don’t change any wire from the ardinoe

Check the voltage on your 48 volt supply - many read much higher, but there should be a pot that enables you to turn it down below 48v to prolong the life of your new spindle.

Thanks I will do that,what about my idea to send gecode from using the out put terminal 24v which was fad the old spindle and use it to control the relay.

It will work to control the relay provided that your spindle speed in your Gcode is always set to MAX in order to trigger that relay. It will not control the speed, but it will turn the spindle on or off when necessary. Also, this assumes that the relay you are using can handle that voltage and current for the new spindle (it probably is no problem but you should be aware of the specs).

_i want to use d12 from ardinoe but not give any control to the spindle any suggestions _