Change feed rate while carving

It would be handy to change the inches/minute in realtime while carving. I find the dewalt 611 can handle faster rates, and when carving big projects with non-stock bits, I don’t want to stop and restart.


Concur, that’s one of those pendent functions I’d really like, along with jogs!


I haven’t started carving with mine yet (waiting on a few parts). I’m wondering if UGCS has a Pause function. That would be nice… Or if it would let you pass commands while it is running a toolpath. Your question is making me wonder… Thanks.

Sort of. There is a Pause and Cancel button on the File Mode panel, but I think that is strictly for sending data. You would need to switch to the Commands tab and send the magic characters (!, ~) for pause/resume functions.

I prefer using the push-buttons that I added to the Arduino.

+1 for changing rates.
If even for the sole purpose of using one speed to ‘clear’ material, and another for clean edges on the same project when cutting.

I just tried to change the feed rate during a project and it seems to have worked.
Could this be?

No. Currently, all the gcode (with all the feed rates) is generated at the beginning of the job.

James P. Buzzkill

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The CNCs that I used in my career had overrides that allowed this.
Made it easy to adjust higher or lower as needed.
Not sure how that was done or what it changed, we just used it.
I think it a software override that intercepted the F code and it worked in both G0 and G1.
Would be a nice addition, not sure how GRBL would like it though.

Has there been any follow-up for this? I import my gcode from aspire into easel and still learning best speeds but even then I would love to tweak on the fly.

With grbl 1.1f. You can do this with ugs platform.

You can also use 1.1f with PicSender.

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