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Change Font

How to highlight-edit/change existing font

If you’re talking about Easel…
Select the text that you want to change
Go to the Cut Shape tab
Click on the Shape tab and look at the bottom of the tab and you will see the font name that you have selected
You can pick the font you want.
Hope that’s what you were talking about
Good Luck


I used to be able to scroll down and see all the fonts listed in the shape tab. After the last updated I can only see the fonts down to the B’s. There is no longer a scroll bar, I tried both my tracking ball and the mouse, neither will scroll down, leads me to believe it is the programming. Anyone else having this issue?

So far only Mac users in safari have reported this issue.
Are you using a Mac and Safari browser by chance?

I am using Chrome on my Mac… I did some trouble shooting today and after a little while I figured out a way to scroll down… I hope this helps others… I had to highlight one of the fonts, basically like I was picking it up, hold down my mouse and carry the font down and then it would scroll down! It scrolls through really fast though, I assume with practice I will get the hang of it… It never used to be this complicated, not sure why the scrolling changed. Glad I found a way, it’s been frustrating retyping every time I want to see a different font!

Thanks for the Reply @SethCNC

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A fix for this has been deployed and you should now be able to scroll the list either by using your mouse wheel or the scroll gesture on your track pad.

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