Change from inches to mm

Been having an issue the past week or so. I can not change my machine from inches to mm. Tried clearing the cache. two different computers. still no luck.

It should be 360 mm x 300 mm.

you should find this in the bottom lefthand corner.


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That changes the workpiece. Then the machine has the following dimensions that i cant change. For some reason i cant make any changes to the machine at all.

reload the page, that controls both . check you internet you need it save .

The work area values can be typed in and then the “Save” button at the bottom selected to save those new values. Does this not save properly?

Hi SethCNC,

I have changed the work area multiple times and clicked save. But it always changes back to inches no matter what i do.

Youve got to flip the toggle to mm at the main screen. (Kens photo)
Then enter that edit machine page in order for the setting to be in mm units.

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