Changes to easel

I’ve noticed some changes to easel… some good, some…maybe not…

I recently ran a job through easel and since the job required bit changes and multiple G-Code imports I was able to successfully use the “workpieces” feature. Not really a change in processes, you still have to go through the steps to import, but I liked that i could import multiple G-Code designs and I only had to click at the bottom of the page to move on to the next step in the carve.

One change I saw that is either a glitch or a bad call on design… the “CLOSE” button that used to be on the preview screen (Upper left corner???) is gone. I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but I used to use the close button to remove the current G-Code instruction/preview and import a new G-Code file to start the next step in the carve…
I noticed last week, that that same “close” button wasn’t working properly and I actually had to open a new project in order to import …

So I guess…Is the close button gone by design or is it a clitch/mistake???

Hi Robert,

With the new workpiece feature, importing gcode adds the gcode to a specific workpiece. If you want to remove the imported gcode you can delete the workpiece that it was imported into.


make sense when looked at it that way… It just took me a while to alter my thinking process