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Changing bits multiple times

Hello everyone, hoping to get some good insight on what to do when it comes to changing a bit more than once. For example im trying to do a roughing cut, then detail, but want to go back to roughing to completely cut out the outline of the project. The issue im having is the detail bit is doing the cutting outline cut, not the roughing bit. My detail bit isnt long enough to cut through the 1 inch piece of wood.

My only theory is: run the outline cut as a separate carve once the first rough and detail cuts are accomplished.

Im pretty sure thats the only option i have, BUT if anyone has any other work arounds, I would appreciate the insight. If thats the only way to do it then i guess i figured it out haha Thanks in advance

Using Easel to generate gcode?


I was using SVG files. what is the difference between that and G-code… and or purpose. Thanks for the reply

Its a 3-stage operation:
1 - Designing in whatever design file format, SVG, JPG,DXF etc (CAD)
2 - Generating tool paths, making gcode specific for each operation and eact tool (CAM)
3 - Sending gcode to machine (CNC)

SVG is just one way to get something to convert into gcode.

The SVG is the vector design. Gcode is the series of commands that control the machine. Many programs that generate gcode have the ability to insert tool change commands (as many as you want). Easel just does a rough and detail.