Changing depth of cut to uniform cut

Hi guys, hope that you can help me with what is likely a stupid question. I need to do a basic 2-d carve of a coat-of-arms line drawing. Imported it has multiple depths of cut, and I want to make them all the same. However, there are a million individual parts - okay, not a million, but that is how many hours it would take if I needed to change the depth of each. I grouped the entire image, but having done so, it grays out depth of cut due to the many different depths currently programmed.
How do I override this and force it to allow me to set the depth of cut to the same depth for the entire image?

I hope that question makes sense.

separate question; as I was typing this, the suggested topic box showed a question that appears might be what I’m asking from 2015. However, I cannot figure out how to open it. Does anyone know how one goes about opening one of these suggested topics? I click on it and NOTHING

  • ungroup (grouped design elements cannot have their depths edited)

  • select all (in the Edit menu or press ctrl+A or click and Drag the mouse to encompass ALL of the design)

  • Edit the depth as desired

Thank You Seth!!

I believe that I bumbled upon that by mistake yesterday (grin), but only AFTER ditching the design, going ‘old school’ analog, and tracing the image on paper and scanning it back in using my Shaper 'TRACE"…

next issue: the carve that I’m making is a fairly detailed coat of arms (carving for top of jewelry box). I made multiple carves on MDF to discover the perfect depth to acquire enough detail without blow-out. At .03125 (1/32") it’s PERFECT - in MDF


the wood for the top of the box is Aspen. I’ve chosen Aspen because it is very tight grain, soft/med density and a dream to carve (by hand). It’s my go-to wood when making hand carved work. And living in Colorado it’s more reasonably priced than basswood or balsa.

Trouble is that I’m getting some blow-out in various areas. So here is my question:

should I speed up the spindle speed?

Should I slow down the rate of cut?


Something else?

I can’t help but think that the solution lies in the cut settings, but I simply don’t have the experience to know the solution - YET.

Any assistance of guidance would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Thank you in advance!!