Changing programs

is the vertric program better than easel i can’t get this thing to generate it takes forever. i bought a new laptop just for this program with 16ram and 520gb anybody else experiencing this issue?

Please > Share the project
16gb is really not a lot of Ram, I run a laptop with 64gb Ram
Although your hard drive size seems adequate, HD size doesn’t actually matter very much if at all.
Processor speed and RAM is what matters the most… that and the complication of the toolpath created as a result of the specific design and/or cut settings.

As to whether Vectric is a better program… Vectric is a brand which produces multiple programs, some of which are more powerful than easel, while others are in some areas less powerful… also some are size limited so keep that in mind as well.
Vectric Suite however is very RAM light, so your new laptop should be powerful enough to run that software without the issues you’re currently experiencing, however I’d really like to see that project because it is possible that I can provide some guidance to allow this project to work properly and those tips you could apply to future projects as well… System Requirments | Vectric
Did you have a specific Version of Vectric’s Suite in mind?

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