Changing settings

Why isn´t there a way to change the cut settings after you started cutting
When you realize you cut to fast or to deep

when you generate the “cut” it is a simple text file called “G-Code” when you hit carve this g-code is sent to the machine and interpreted by the controller and translated into movement. this G-code has all the information for the “cut” machine movement such as where the machine moves and how fast it moves. to change any of this you need to rewrite the g-code to include the new parameters.

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from my understanding and from the information listed on their site
"GRBL 1.1 Features

Overrides and Toggles

Platform version only. Easily control the real time feed and speed overrides by enabling the Overrides widget in the Window menu.

this would only be possible with GRBL 1.1 and UGCS platform version. this is also an override from within the GRBL parameters. Also I have not tried this yet as it is still only in the nightly builds that I see. but I will try eventually.

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Please report when you have tried