Changing the bit diameter in the carve dialog doesn't recalculate

I was using Easel for a simple design and apparently had the bit diameter set to 1/8", but intended to use a 1/4" bit. When I hit Carve and the confirm bit dialog came up I changed it to 1/4", but the carved measurements were off. When I went back to the design screen and changed the bit diameter and re-carved the measurement was fine. So it appears that maybe the bit diameter confirmation panel in the Carve sequence can only be used to confirm, but not change the diameter even though it appears to allow you to change it. Or I could be wrong.

Can anyone confirm?

I have been having the same issue and it seems to be random for me.

Haven’t used Easel since before Christmas, but I was regularly able to change the bit during the confirmation process. Maybe an intermittent bug introduced with some of the recent updates?

I have also noticed this issue but have not paid enough attention to it to see if it resembles any type of pattern.

I have to close out of the Carve tab, reset the bit size and hit Carve again, only then will it change to the proper size bit.