Changing the grid graduations in layout

How do you change the grid graduations? I’ve seen project files that show a grid of 1" separations, to those with 1/8 inch separations.


To EDIT existing line spacing select all of the lines in a vertical OR horizontal pattern (do one direction at a time) then click the LEGO button on the left panel. Then find the APP called “equal Spacing” and use that to edit the spacing.

To make lines spaced correctly from scratch, use the line tool to make a line, then select the line and then LEGO button, then use the APP called “Replicator” and you can replicate the line over and with the desired spacing. You could repeat for the other axis OR simply copy, paste and rotate 90deg, then align to the other set as desired.

Seth - thanks for sharing this. This is exactly what I needed.



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