Charley and the Triquetra Zero Factory

Sorry about the pun there. I have been up since 4am and it seemed humorous to me at the time.

Anyway. I wanted to post this and let everyone know about my thoughts on this little wonder chunk and its creator. To start with I honestly don’t know how i managed for a year of carving with out this thing. When I first got into Xcarve i had seen videos of magical devices that makes everything better and never saw the need to get one because hey, I can draw an X in the center of my material and spend 15 minutes putting the bit exactly on that spot LOL.

So about Charley and his wonder chunk of aluminum. I had a boat load of issues trying to use this thing and understand the mechanics behind it and his wonderful spreadsheet. I sent ONE email to Charley and that set off a multi day adventure of emails back and forth with him trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. All this over the new year holiday weekend. Charley’s commitment to his customers is by far the best I have ever encountered. Since i only live an hour and a half from him he offered to drive to my house and work out the issue in person. Really?? Who does that? I’ll tell you who, someone who seriously believes in his product and his customers. Charley NEVER acted like i was a bother and treated me as if I knew what i was doing even though i didn’t.

I finally got it all to work and found out a lot about my machine that after a year i didn’t realize and Charley didn’t have to come out into the bitter cold to help.

If there is anyone out there that has been thinking about buying his Zeroing Block, Do not hesitate. The tools and customer service are well worth the little bit of money he is asking for it. I definitely will buy him a beer for it one day.


I concur with all that you said. I am the proud owner of Triquetra number 1, ( at least it is number 1 after Charley’s personal unit). And the support Charley has given me in all this time has been nothing short of awesome. I cant say enough about this man, and I am also proud to have made a new friend in the process.


Hello Chris, Thanks for your comment, I am from Canada and I did bought a kit from Charley few weeks ago. I finally got all the bits and pieces of my 1000m system from Inventables few days ago so I can carry on to complete the assembly of my ''toy"" (as my wife says). Any how, I am looking forward to install the Triquetra Zero device and based on your comments it sound that it will be fun to make it work. Time will tell… Regards.

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I’ll also put in my 2 cents. Great product, great support. and well documented. I wish half the other stuff I buy were as well documented. Most of the time I keep shaking the box looking for instructions.


He is the Greatest. Love his tool and I am going to be working on a new version for micro carving that I do soon.
Just need to work out the details and get this block of aluminum cut up. :smiley:

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Charley is working on a new program to make this block great. He has had some hiccups but has been working very hard on this. Yes working with Charley is great and is always very helpful.

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