Chasing multiple issues - Easel stopping, going off carve, etc

I have been having several issues I cannot seem to determine the exact cause and fix. Help with any of them, esp. #1 would greatly appreciated.

background: I have the large x-carve running off my laptop: cabled with a hub at the far end; good surge protector going to xcarve box. When using the Dewalt router, I have tried running it off a separate circuit. I also have a 15W laser attachment I DIY’d to the router mount so I can laser burn/cut things. The following issues happen with it as well so blaming the AC noise from the router or static from dust build up is not too relevant.

#1 As soon as I start the carve, the x-carve machine going off track and into lala land. This happens immediately when it happens. Like the software / driver has gotten corrupt or something. If I completely power down my laptop it usually doesn’t happen again. This only seem to happen after the first run of a cut / laser etch. Power cycling the xcarve box, attached USB powered hub does not fix this. Once it starts happening, it continues to happen until I power cycle the laptop.

#2 During the carve, easel just stops. It doesn’t think its done. It just stops. I have since added the powered hub, surge protector, and moved the router on a diff. AC circuit, but I am chasing issue #1 so I have not seen this occur again. This happens with both the router or laser.

#3 During the carve, easel thinks it’s finished, returns to the home position and says ‘hey I’m done’ when in fact it is not.’ Again, happens with either the router or laser.

I can def. see issue #2 being a noise / LOS issue to the laptop. #1 and #3 seem more of a software bug. I have not moved the laptop to right next to the machine as that is no small undertaking in my workshop, but that may be my next thing I try. I don’t see it resolving issue #1 or #3. (esp. #1). Any thoughts are appreciated.