Chatter on back cutting

I am getting lots of chatter or vibration when the spindle is on back cut. It’s like it is not secure enough. There is enough play where it likes to chip out the material. Any thoughts?

capturedvideo.MOV (3.1 MB)

Here’s another video. The bit is brand new and high quality.

capturedvideo.MOV (1.2 MB)

You need to reduce your feed speed, or amount of material being cut. That is a rigidity issue (or your tool is sticking out too far and flexing).

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That may be part of it but I have had issues at half this speed.

Does this deflection look normal?

capturedvideo.MOV (2.4 MB)

Thanks for the advice Robert

Yes, that looks normal for a stock x-carve. Take a look at the stiffening mods posted here.

That amount of flex is normal, but between the spindle stick-out and the end mill stick-out im surprised you dont get even more chatter.

I have never had that amount of chatter in my machine and I currently have no put any of my stiffening mods on something is not right there

I would check over your entire machine for lose items make sure the the v-wheels are adjusted properly and belts are at the correct tension

really if that was normal for a machine out of the box you should just throw that machine in the garbage and the X-carve is not garbage worthy

keep looking into it

NFG. Way too much slop in the spindle.