Cheap notebook computer to run x carve

I’m about to order an x carve but don’t have a computer I can let live in the shop. Does anyone use one of these cheap notebook computers to operate theirs?

I can pick these up pretty cheap on the secondary market here, pawn shops, craigslist, etc. I only want to buy one computer so I want to make sure one of these will wok. Any suggestions?

Specification-wise, it should be fine.

The problem is finding a communication / control program to run on it. List of them here:

There is a ChromeOS sender: (listed above) but haven’t encountered many mentions of people using it.

Might be that Easel affords a driver which works in ChromeOS — if it does, then it “just works”.

Chomebooks are great, but they have very defined purposes. In your position, I would likely buy a Windows laptop. This time of year there are plenty of good deals around. A good place to start is:

I’ve been using an old, Atom-based, Windows netbook that’s working just fine. Just UGS, though. Not really tried Easel on it.

These little laptops do a great job running UGS. They take up little room in the shop are turn on almost instantly when you open the lid. Plus it has built in WiFi. For under $150 on eBay its tough to beat as a dedicated gcode sender.

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Again, I do not use Easel. But, I get all my cnc machines out of the dumpster. Sometimes I spend $90 on a new Windows 7 license… but usually can salvage the key code using BelArc Advisor and then reinstall its operating system fresh and clean. For a shop machine I try not to spend any money.

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Same, I’ve been collecting a couple computers from my day job, ones that are just past their prime or in need of repair. Works great!