Cheap X-carve 1000 for sale St. Louis

Selling my x-carve 1000mm. Asking $850. Machine works great. Lots of extras. Will include custom made power supply box with e-stop, a couple power supplies, bits, table, etc. Will include laptop for right price. Ordered this in april

2016 and already made 4x my money back selling things i made on etsy.

Interested. In Springfield so not too far away. Is the machine still assembled and operational?

Yes, still assembled and running. I am finishing up a couple projects tonight on it actually.

Excellent! Let me talk with the banker and see what I can work out, thanks for the response!

Well, I’m sorry to say that I won’t be able to pick this up. Good price too!

Hey Dave,
Would you be willing to ship? I’m located in Salem NH

Are you willing to trade? Kayak, Gun…both? I live 2 hours from st louis and will pick up anytime. I’m retired from the army and my team of three make custom flags, furniture, and retirement plaques for the troops here. This would be a game changer. If theres anything we can work out please text 573-337-2282

Thanks for responding to the ad. I texted the number you provided.

I haven’t seen anything sir, my email is if that helps.

I haven’t seen anything sir, my email is if that helps

Is it still available?