Cherry Tear Out

I love the way cherry looks and ages, but I have noticed that when I try to do relatively small letters (less than .5 inches) or sharp details I get tear out. Has anyone experienced this problem? Is there a wood that is better than others?

The harder the wood the less tear out is a basic guideline. Even slowing the feed rate will not completely solve the problem. Having a very sharp bit will help. I sharpen my vbit on a regular basis. Bottom line it is difficult to prevent all tear out. My comments will only help to minimize the tear out.

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I love using cherry for regular woodworking projects. But have had no luck with using it on the CNC and that is what perplexes me.
I made some Naval Aviator (Pilot) wings in cherry and had tear out on the shield portion. When I did it with maple, it was beautiful.

It is a hard wood however, I have always found that it tears out more than other hardwoods. Outside of the cnc world, I score the wood first and cut to the score line. Hard to do in the cnc world

I have had some luck using my 60 deg vbit to trace around a pocket cut (on the line) about .03 deep before cutting the pocket, That really seems to reduce the surface tearout.

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So how about a down cut bit and then climb mill instead of conventional milling?
I use cherry all the time and have personally not experienced it.