Cigar cutter shape

I am trying to figure out how to get the actual shape imported to Easel of a cigar cutter. I know i cant get the shape correct with the line tool. I would like to clear out the pocket for the cutter to sit in. Any thoughts or help?

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Download a cad program and save the file as a DXF. Easel will load a DXF file. You could also scan your drawing as a PDF and save that as a PDF file. Some cad programs will open a PDF. Download Inkscape. I think that can save as an SVG.

Now I don’t use Easel, but one of the apps is “image trace”. That might be a way to use Easel to do it too.

it’s tricky because you will need to make the pocket the right size for the cutter.

I think if you use import>image trace to import the image shape you should be able to get it right with a bit of trial and error on the shape size settings.

OK, i’ll give that a try.

see if this works

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That looks perfect! How’d you do it? I have to do the same for a torch lighter.

Pulled it into inkscape and imaged traced it, there were two lines at that point so I deleted the outside one. Pulled it into easel, made a copy and flipped it vertical. I aligned them on top each other set at different depths tweaked them a bit so they looked symmetrical and then combined them. Cut it in half made a copy and flipped it vertical, aligned them then combined those