Circle Engrave Issue

I just carved a logo that has a circle around the outside. The carve went well, with the exception that the circle overlapped instead of meeting in a clean circle. This was a 60 degree V bit, 1/16" deep. I’m very new to this. What could cause this issue? Both x and y belts are properly tensioned.

Are you sure that carve does not match the design vector?
As you said it overlapped and that is visible. Circles do not overlap as they are a closed vectors.

I’m not really sure what happened. It is a circle. I believe it may have been caused by the Y axis drag chain coming in contact with something I had set on the side of the machine. It was the only thing I could identify as a possibility. I increased the size of the circle and set the rest of the engrave to 0 depth and ran it again. The larger circle came out perfect. Thank you for the suggestions!

The area I have circled is overlap, possibly 10-15 degrees. A circle would only be cut 365 degrees not 375-380.
Look at your vector closely. Can you post your project?

Here is the link - I think it was an issue with the drag chain catching on a toll on the side of the machine. I ran it a second time, enlarging the circle, with no other changes, and it carved fine. Thank you for your help!

Well it definitely is a circle. Have you changed the cut depth or settings?
When I opened your copy the circle was set to only carve 0.03xx deep. That should have been done in just one pass.
Glad you have it resolved.

This is probably correct. It looks like it lost steps in the Y-axis due to the contact that was made.

Tip: If this happens again and the item is salvageable by doing what you did, perform a homing cycle prior to doing the repeat carve. Use the last Work Home position when asked. That way the Machine Home to Work Home relationship will be the same.

If that was not performed, I suspect the circle would be off in the axis where the steps were lost by the distance lost.


Brandon R. Parker

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