Circuit Board - Burnt

Our new XCarve with controller upgrade started smoking today. We took the controller apart and found that the circuit board was burnt. Anyone else have this problem?

you could replace the burnt circuit TB6600HG

Contact Inventables customer success.


If you attempt to replace that chip it may jsut burn out again.
You need to determine the cause.

I would start checking the power lines and connections for shorts.
Then once you have figured out the error. Then get a new X controller.
Repair requires you to check everything on that circuit. If you have good tech skills and a schematic you can do that. Otherwise its not worth the frustration.

Hi there. Just burned mine. :frowning:
How did you solved your problem?

Did you move the gantry by hand? That’s how I burned mine.

Yep, that’s what I was just going to ask.

I didnt move it by hand and mine still burned up

UGH!!! yes… exactly the spot where mine burned up! An here I thought getting the controller was a safer bet than using the old grbl or tinyg boards…

Crazy…2yr later and the problem still exists! Mine just burnt up on me as well. Was having issues with X-axis step motor skipping on me, was looking really deep into solutions (hours) then I tried to do another carve and my controller started smoking. Realized the Toshiba microchip for the X-axis was shot and burn up on me. Anyone know where you can get another mother board???

I see you have the light blue dip switches, indicating a rather newer controller board. Contact support via the phone number and they will mail out a new board.

I called in this AM and spoke with Allen…WOW! Such a nice guy, we talked about the issue I had with my board burning up and he said this happens often, even with newer models. One issue he said that possibly causes this is hand movement with the gantry. He was pretty clear to NOT ever move the gantry by hand, the step motors generate energy (even with the machine off) and have no where to put it and it sounds like the energy backfeeds to the controller. He was super cool and sent me a new board this morning! Really impressed with their customer service and how they handled this for me, will def be a long time customer with customer support like this!!!

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