Clamps for 2x4" Work Pieces (Home-Made)

Still a beginner I’ve broken quite a few bits by now. Twice I ran the machine into the plastic clamps. Anyhow, it’s always a concern for me.

Since eventually I want to carve into 2" x 4" work pieces I did not want to have to deal with that particular issue/fear. Especially, since the v-bits are very sturdy and I do not want to cause damage to motors, bending the rails or anything like that.

So my son and I made these home-grown clamps that are completely out of the way, and securely hold the work piece in place. I am sure someone could make them look a lot better, but I hate spending money on stuff I have laying around in the garage anyhow, so it’s all old stuff we used.

If someone wants dimensions I am happy to list it in more detail. The shorts list is: Small block of lumber, made an L-bracket out of a hurricane tie, old nut’s and bolts that we re-threaded, and the piece on the end of the bolts came from an old bent out of shape clamp. A little bit of welding (which I am not very good at, LOL), grinding and paint. Took us about a couple of hours to make them.

The back piece is just a strip of lumber with holes to secure onto the work area. So, for me this was the solution to something I always feared, and I did not have to spend any money either.
Later …


That’s fabulous.

I share your frustration with how the bit drops before moving to carve and can then snap on a clamp. Happened to me several times.


Yup, happens to me in particular when I import from V-Carve and don’t pay attention to the starting and then back to home path. I know I should pay more attention. LOL But this takes it out of the equation.

Took an idea and made it into reality, awesome teamwork. Sometimes the best part about the project is who you are doing the project with. Well done!

You couldn’t be more right. My son loves solving problems like this with me. :smiley: