Clamps / Hold Downs

If anyone is looking for a simple, but effective clamping option, I sell these on ebay. They can be used on both threaded tables or T-Track. I started making these as a way to utilize all of my scraps from my other projects. Basically selling them near the cost of materials.

Although they are similar to many others out there, I’ve tested many designs and shapes to find the strongest design while still using HDPE for no regrets machining.

While you are doing a good thing, not sure if making competition to Inventables at their own forum is a proper way to do business. At least ask them please. I like their design that I don’t need any tool to secure a piece but yours is also good when height is an issue. But please ask them first. We don’t go to the neighbour’s lawn and shit there. You shouldn’t be like our cat :slight_smile:


is it a competing part or just a cross-thread waiting to happen? the listing above is for a 1/4-20 threaded screws and the X-carve inserts are M5 :man_shrugging: I’m just saying, looks like a recipe for unhappy customers to include X-Carve in the description and to not include that detail on the posting in this forum.

I appreciate the feedback. I looked for the rules or someone to ask about posting this, but didn’t find much. I’ll look into posting this as a Inventables post. I hadn’t wanted to have to support another sales point, but I understand your point.

I do understand the thread size issue. I just added a note to try to clarify the tap size of the hole, which is 1/4-20, versus the slot that can be used for anything 5mm to 6mm to 1/4".


Just call them, I would say.

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