Clean cut on ply


Having a little probes cutting birch ply. I’m using a 1/8 down cut 2 flute cutting bit and it’s not cutting the material cleanly. I get this firing around the edge.

Is this to slow router speed? To high? To slow feed rate? To high? Lol


A downcut bit supposedly works better for ply. I have never tested that myself.

In my experience, materials that “fluff” alot like ply and pine, a two flute straight bit beats a 2 flute spiral. Still there is always a little finishing to do after the workpiece leaves the cnc.

What feed/speed are you using? What RPM?

1500mm/m and dewalt speed 1, slowest I can get the router.

The best choice for routing plywood is a spiral downcut. It shears the fibers rather than chopping them.


hey alex is that just a big circle or is it many different thin circles stacked on top of each other

I personally use a 2 flute straight bit on ply wood with really no problems I think that your feed rate is two fast i would turn the router up to notch 2 and lower your feed rate to 750mm/min and try that and then work your feed rate up from there

here are some clamps that i did and they required 1 pass of sand paper or even my finger and all the burrs where gone

and really lol that was some shady ply wood just everyday normally crappy plywood from the big box store no my first choice but i had it laying around

I used to use upcut bits and then i went to downcut bits and then to straight flute bits and straight flute bits seem to be working the best in most kinds of wood but they have to remain sharp and solid carbide you can see when they start getting dull you will see more burrs

It’s a series of decreasing sized holes stack on top which makes it difficult to sand. I’ve never had this issue with other items however I think the small size makes it harder. The outer edge is fine.

Easel is doing some odd tool paths at the moment, it’s cutting each object before cuting deeper. Really slowing the cut time, frustrating.

I feel you on the easel generated tools paths they are pretty inefficient when it comes to things like this I made a couple things like that I would give that straight bit a try I found that it works the best for something like this

but give that feed rate a try also i just fells 1500mm/min is way to fast