Clean up pass?

I’m pretty new and still getting accustomed to the varios bits and their uses. I hear people talk about a clean up pass. How does this work, which bit will I use. Do I have to re-run the entire project After the proper bit has been installed. Any advice you can give or if you know of an existing thread with the answers to my question would be appreciated.



If I run a carve using a 1/8" bit and total depth is 1/4" and I set depth per cut (incremental) to 1/32" per pass I would:

  • Run first carve with above parameters
  • Rerun same carve but this time set depth per pass = full depth (1/4")

This will run the same path, but to full depth on the first go. This carve will have very little opposing forces (when cutting) to precision is maximum of what your machine can do in the current configuration.