Clean up Pass

Good evening y’all!!

So, I snagged the above project from the project page. I decided I needed to run a test carve on the caliper section (page 2) and make sure it fits my calipers. Good news is… It does!!! The bad news is… The clean up pass cut about .006 deeper than the roughing pass and this leaves a lip on the inside of the carve.

Would someone be so kind as to check my work and make sure everything is ok?

Both passes were set using the probe for the z axis and the detail pass was told to use previous x,y 0’s. Now the project shows me using a 1/8 upcut endmill for the detail but I used a down cut endmill.

Thank you for all your help!

File looks fine, did you set your zero (probe) in the same spot on your project between bits? if you did you may have something loose on your machine.