Cleaning up HDPE

I purchased and cut it with a 30 degree vbit. It machined really well but left small fuzzies. I have used a wire brush and a small dental pick to get the bigger pieces but still has some fuzz. Any thoughts on how to get all of them out? Has anybody worked with this material in fine detail?

Run the same tool path one more time, but running full depth. This may clear out a lot of the fuzzies.

I did run it at .002 deeper but still the fuzzies

Just making sure … you mean to set the depth of cut to the deepest part of the carve?

If you don’t go deeper then?
I cut a bit of 1/16" plastics with 20-30deg V-bits and running a 2nd pass at full depth usually clean out most of the fuzzies.

Yup, full depth in one pass.

Better view of what I’m working with. Those fine hairs are still attached and the wire brush will not remove all of them.

I used a little stainless wire brush from harbor freight , worked like a charm !


I use brass brushes they are softer and it cleans them up nicely on PVC I always use Oramask then put a coat of white paint or color in the carved areas just because it makes a nicer product, be gentle on painted surfaces.

I also use the mask when working with wood. This was a first working with the 2 toned HDPE.

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I’ve found that a heat gun works to clean up the fuzzy edges.

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I had great results, ironically with downcut bits. Whatever little bit of fuzzies remain I hit with a heat gun and they curl right up and away.