Clear lines

Can anyone help me with this. I can’t seam to get my lines to come out clean and all of the design. I’m uploading the pic that I used and the plack that it cut from it…


Can you publish the project please? on the text I think you speed and feed rates are off…hard to tell which one.

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The image that you used wasn’t very clean to begin with. Make sure your material is secure when you’re engraving. Also make sure you’re using a good sharp bit. I redrew the artwork and cleaned up the lines, I like the design and want to carve one myself so thanks for the idea. Give this one a try and let us know how it turns out.


Your plaque looks to be red oak and that can be a bit stringy even with a sharp bit.
Running the carve a second time before you remove it from the clamps can help a lot some times.
also a brass bristle brush can clean up the carve.
Love the art.

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It’s teack. I don’t know how to publish the carve. I shared it on easel but don’t know where it shared to.
9in plumb and feed is at 45.

Teak is stringy as well…best for carving is walnut, cherry and others

When you hit share in Easel you have to copy the link and then paste it to the forum page.
File- Share
Shared with link
Copy link

Do NOT forget to click Save before leaving the URL-window :wink:


Thanks :grinning: