Clearing a pocket around an svg image

I’m very new to creating my own images to carve. I have an image I created in my art software and I converted it to svg and imported it into Easel. I’ve created a circle and want to clear a pocket around the svg image in the shape of a circle. Right now its clearing the material in the svl image as well. How do I clear the material within the circle but around the svg? The svg is not a silhouette? It has interior details that are being carved. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


Set the SVG to a “clear out a pocket” cut type and set the design depth to 0 depth. and ensure it’s set to be on the top (bring to front in the edit menu or by right clicking the design) of the circle and that will allow it to carve the surrounding areas between the circle perimeter and the perimeter of the svg design only.

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Thank you

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