Clearing space in the warehouse

Hi Everyone,

We are running out of space in the warehouse. We need more space for X-Carve and related materials and accessories that will support both X-Carve, Carvey, and Easel.

To help clear the space faster we’re going to be having some fun with some of the inventory that is a bit out of focus. For example today we are giving away gel magnets for free. You read that right $0. There is one catch…you pay shipping. However if you are ordering something else then the gel magnets get a free ride. When they are gone they are gone. We have programmed the page to turn off when the last one sells out.

Are these still available? I don’t see how to add them to my cart?

Sold out this afternoon

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Zach, we are here for you! Just let us know what else we can do to help make some room in the warehouse!

Stay tuned next week!