Clicking Noise on my Y Steppers when cutting on X Axis?

I have just built my X Carve and I seem to have an issue my Y stepper motors and making a clicking / pulsing noise when my xcave is cutting on its X axis. It does not do the noise/pulse when the it is moving when not in a cutting mode eg if I control the movement with the keyboard. When is has engaged in the X Axis cutting mode If I put my fingers on the end of the drive wheel on the end of the Y steppers you can feel a small pulse clicking like they are trying to hold the position.

I have run the machine and it cuts square and perfectly and I only noticed the clicking when I did not have the spindle on. Any advice would be great.

I have upload a video of the issue link below…

Mine also makes this same noise. Everything seems to be cutting just fine but the clicking noise worries me a bit. Sorry i cant be of help. Just tagging along for the ride.

I emailed inventables and there tech people told me to do the following (see below)

Mine now does not do the weird clicking noise thing after following there instructions :slight_smile:

I think it was probably the wiring though none of the of the connections were loose etc, just unplugged all connection, loosened and tightened then reconnected. I did also get a cheap fishing scale (as suggested) and tightened the belts a bit. I did not adjust my v-wheels so in my case it was not that.


Can you check the wiring of your X-controller for me and make sure all the cables are properly seated. This also goes for the wires connected to the terminal block. I would also check that this isn’t being caused by either loose belts or improperly positioned v-wheels. For information on properly tensioning your belts, please check out this forum thread:

You shouldn’t be able to turn them with your fingers, but if you use the Machine Controls in Easel, the wheels should turn smoothly along the rail. My suggestion would be to completely loosen those wheels and retighten them. You can do this by moving the eccentric spacers so that the circle imprints are facing down. This should put them in the open position. You can then gradually turn them clockwise, to get them to the correct tension.

This video in the Calibrate step of X-Carve instructions does a great job of showing how to properly position those v-wheels:

X-Carve Instructions: Calibrate

Hey, Tom. Thanks for keeping me posted! I gave that a try and it its now fixed. It was a loose wire. Popped it in all the way and its running without any issues. Thanks again!