Clock face cutting

I’m trying to produce a clock face. I want to carve the numerals with a vee bit to 0.2mm deep and then change tools and cut out the outside and inside shapes (producing an annulus) with an end mill to the full material depth. How do I specify order of cut? At the moment it cuts some of the numerals and then goes on to cut the inner circle then finishes the numerals and then the outer circle. Obviously I don’t want to cut the full depth with a vee bit. Any suggestions would be appreciated. At the moment I’m thinking of letting it do it’s thing and set the circle depths to 0.2mm as well, and finish the job on the bandsaw.

You will have to set them up on different workpieces


In easel as @SteveMoloney noted you just do them in separate panels on your project. If you have v-carve pro there is the little up/down arrows to re-order the paths

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