Clock question

Clock design on Easel was easy. Finding the clock parts online, easy.

My concern is how to figure out if the clock mechanism itself will actually line up accurately with the design? I mean it moves but how will I know if the hands move “correctly” to the design itself? Dimensionaly…

A circle is 360 degrees regardless of the diameter (how large) so your only worry will be are the hands too long or too short for the radius/diameter that you’ve made. Impossible for us to help you with on this forum without knowing what you bought. From the screen shot the radius from center to edge is about 3 inches so if the minute hand is 3 inches or just over in length I’d say your perfect. If the minute hand is longer than 3 inches you need to make the clock face bigger.

To make sure the hardware align, I would plunge a pilot hole in the center with the vbit to guid your drill aftwerwards.

I Work back side first on .75" material. Turn it afterwords and use center hole for Datum position.
Housing could be perfect square or different if clock mechanism is different.

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