Clock start to finish with easel has

Has anybody done a Clock start to finish with easel?
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Martain cutting a clock today what is it your looking for?

You can search for clocks at if you search clock 14 designs will come up.

clock layouts, clock face layouts, wooden gear layouts, escapement layouts, things like that.

Yes I have several examples in Paw Paw project thread. Take a look

I will be interested to see how this post goes. I bought Clayton Boyer plans for a marble clock and hoped to transpose the drawings into Easel so I could let the X-Carve do all the cutting instead of me on a scroll saw. I may have to work with a different program though.

how do I find the thread?

Years ago, I emailed Clayton about getting DXF files for his “Simplicity” clock. Once you have those, it’s relatively easy to get them into Easel. His designs are wonderful and he’s great to work with. He actually distributes this wheel for practice.

Simplicity’s Third Wheel and Pinion for practice.dxf (217.5 KB)

Thanks MM, I am going to try it out this rainy weekend.

I see you found the thread. I also have a YouTube channel where I show working with Easel and other projects here is the link

Beautiful Clocks!!!

how does one import a dxf file please?
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does one open this in inkscape or what?
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Martin If you are using Pro copy paste images GOOGLE search clock face Black & White. BTW first try on clock projects lowes famowood 2 part Epoxy epoxy I highly recommend for your wood projects comes out like glass. 7797ad116f874339672c534a930d82f8|427x500


wow! What a Beautiful Clock!!

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