Cloud Convert - CAD File Converter

Thought I share this. Found this site while I was trying to convert an SVG to a dxf, it works great!

VECTOR formats

ai Adobe Illustrator File
cdr CorelDRAW Image File
cgm Computer Graphics Metafile
emf Windows Enhanced Metafile
eps Encapsulated PostScript
pdf Portable Document Format
ps PostScript
sk Sketch/Skencil format
sk1 sK1 format

CAD formats

dwg AutoCAD Drawing
dxf AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Format
svg Scalable Vector Graphics
svgz Compressed Scalable Vector Graphics
vsd Visio Drawing File
wmf Windows Metafile

IMAGE formats

3fr Hasselblad 3F RAW Image
arw Sony Digital Camera Image
bmp Windows Bitmap
cr2 Canon Raw Image File
crw Canon Raw CIFF Image File
dcr Kodak RAW Image File
dng Digital Negative Image File
eps Encapsulated PostScript
erf Epson RAW File
gif Graphics Interchange Format
icns Apple Icon Image format
ico Icon
jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group
jpg Joint Photographic Experts Group
mos Leaf Camera RAW File
mrw Minolta Raw Image File
nef Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image
odd OpenDocument Drawing
orf Olympus RAW File
pdf Portable Document Format
pef Pentax Electronic File
png Portable Network Graphic
ppm Portable Pixmap Image File
ps PostScript
psd Adobe Photoshop bitmap
raf Fuji RAW Image File
raw Raw Image Data File
svg Scalable Vector Graphics
svgz Compressed Scalable Vector Graphics
tif Tagged Image File Format
tiff Tagged Image File Format
webp WebP
x3f SIGMA X3F Camera RAW File
xcf eXperimental Computing Facility
xps XML Paper Specification

I started using this today. it works great to convert the DWG or DXF files to SVG, but I am having trouble with type of cuts. I don’t get the option to tell Easel what i want to do once it’s imported in. Am I missing something when in AutoCAD? Or maybe something with Easel once imported?

Side note: I’m carving a very simple set of drawings right now. I converted them from AutoCAD DXF to SVG earlier today. The shapes are 3 6" x 6" squares with various radius’ (radiuses? radi-eye?, whatever), but it’s carving the arcs in line segments. Did I do something wrong in the import or transfer? Maybe something in CAD I missed?

I had hoped that this was a quick and easy fix for converting items, and it is. But this carve is taking a little over an hour, and I have done far more complex items through Easel for half the time.