CNC 3018 Pro Laser Connection with LaserGRBL V3.8.6

Hi Everyone,

I’m a complete novice on Laser and CNC cutting. I purchased a CNC 3018 pro for Xmas and am having real issues connecting the laser to it. This will no doubt be my complete lack of knowledge on this but Surfing the net has not come up with any helpful tutorials for connecting it. I have a laser using a ‘Good Laser A-11’ driver board and the actual GRBL board that came with the CNC 3018 pro does not seem to have a make and model on it.

I have uploaded pictures of the board and would really appreciate any help getting the later to connected so that I can start setting the machine up with LaserGRBL application. I will happily read other topics but I cant seem to find one for this board. Any help would be apprecated.



I realize that this is an old thread but I can’t help but think that something is missing. My 3018 Pro has controller module between the laser and the motherboard. I don’t see that in the pictures

. Without it you won’t be able to use the laser. Hope this helps.