CNC 3018 pro wont carve

Ok, I’m new here and to the cnc world. I’m having a slew of issues with this machine. So far I have worked through most of them and now finally ready to carve! So my issue is this. I make my gcode project and all is well I hit send or play and the router lifts up fully and moves roughly a half inch to the right to start the carve then stops and won’t move further. Before anyone says the motor is the issue I will tell you this the xyz motors will take the router side to side fully and up and down with the jog keys. This only happens when a project is sent to the machine. I have tried 3 different programs and same thing happens. I have looked at the motors for damage or defectiveness and like I said they work fine with the jog buttons, I have oiled the steel slide bars and all thread bar, I have taken the thing apart multiple times and put it back together and still the the same thing. Also power is not an issue the router will spin very fast and I have checked power in and all is good there too. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

Try doing an “air carve” with the spindle off. No stock.

Hey Neil thanks for the response. I have tried that too with the spindle off and no material on the tray but unfortunately that doesn’t work either. Anytime I send the gcode to the machine the spindle raises it goes about a half inch to the right and stops. Almost like its stuck but nothing is stuck. I dont get any error messages either. Its a stumper I’m almost thinking the board may be an issue

You have the log open and there is no message?
Can you share the gcode?