CNC 3018 problems with Z-axis

just downloaded Easel and although i have got all the axis operating , i seem to have problem with home regarding the Z-axis. it just sends it to the upper limits of the thread causing unhealthy noise. also when trying to carve a project the z-axis never seems to be at the correct height to actually cut anything

If homing fails then its most likely missing, not triggering or the homing switch is incorrectly wired. You can test and verify by opening Easel’s Machine Inspector pane (Shortcut, CTRL+SHIFT+D)

In that pane the MI visualize three “LEDS” one for each axis. Trigger each switch by hand and the LED should display green. If not there is a wiring issue.

Homing follow the following sequence:

  • Z first, hit twice
  • If Z is detected XandY will follow in unison.
  • If Z is NOT detected, it will time out and prompt an alarm.